Interview with Holly Dodson. Stranded on the Moonbase

Bienvenue dans le monde merveilleux d'Holly Dodson.Cette petite tête blonde qui nous vient de très loin ... Toronto.
Avec une voix enfantine (parfois tres proche de celle de Kate Bush) et des textes feminins ...Holly nous parle d'amour intergalactique sur des mélodies originales aux sonorités tres ...80's qui font tout son charme. Holly c'est notre nouvelle pop music beat doll préférée.

Ecoutez Holly Dodson.

Your world in three words ?

Outside looking in

Whats the most inspiring to you…

The romance of mary and percy bysshe shelley, mornings and warm weather

Let’s talk about your relation with music….

I've grown up always having music as my number one hobby, like so many people! I find it the most satisfying thing I can do...I don't know what I'd do without it!. Its very natural to me to think this way because my father and mother were both in the music industry, my dad in a popular classic rock band from the 70's and my mom was the secretary at his record label way back when. That's how they met :) how romantic! I guess she was her "sweet city woman", that's the song my dad wrote.

And your child-woman side is coming from... ?

I think I try to just capture an innocence when I write, probably the one that comes from being young and naïve. Sometimes I think people grow up too fast and lose that magic too early, and I love that magic very much! My way of keeping it is by writing it into my songs. Its like gathering flowers for the sake of collecting something beautiful, that's what I like to portray in my music.

Let's talk about your projects...?

Right now "holly dodson" is my main project, no matter what I'm working on I'll always be writing for her/ myself I guess :) But I love working with other people too, I'm also in a band called Parallels and I do some work with Tuxedo mask, mostly jamming. But for those projects I don't write as much as I do for "Holly Dodson", so right now I'm finishing recording my album and writing some new songs for my next one too!

The Stampeders - Sweet City Woman

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